Your Journey is Unique

You each chose to be exactly who you now are, possessing the dreams you now have and the challenges you presently face, for the reasons of learning and joy. Among the things you wanted to understand: love is a given, not an option; your thoughts hold the key to living the life of your wildest dreams. – Mike Dooley

Did you know you are a spiritual being living in this world in a physical form?

You are a student of learning, and you are here on earth to gather information for your personal growth. It doesn’t matter how fast you evolve or even how far you grow; there are no set goals here, and it is not a competition. You create your curriculum; you set your pace and the extent to which you would like to continue to evolve or to put it simply, to learn.

Regardless the degree to which we learn, we are all created equal, and we will all remain the same. Each of us is a gift of God, created with love.

Everyone’s soul DNA is different. There may be similarities, but the exact formula or combination is never the same. You have your unique combination of gifts, talents, and abilities, which help define who you are and give you your individuality.

The things that you experience and the knowledge that you acquire in your lifetime(s) also help you define who you are.

There are times when we compare ourselves to others. Don’t. Your journey is unique and one of a kind. That’s what makes your life special!

36 thoughts on “Your Journey is Unique

  1. Thank you for your post. It is true that our journey is unique. It takes time for some of us to realize that we are ” a gift of God” and it is okay to be different. Our different makes us special. We are a product of God’s creation. How awesome is that!!!

  2. Thank you for the reminder that we should not compare ourselves with other because our journey is unique. We can overcome fear, walk over stumbling blocks, and stay focus if we can get this in our mind as we travel on life journey

  3. We’ve been created with the privilege of free will, the ability to choose.
    We can either choose to learn from ours and others mistakes or choose to play victim.
    Life isn’t about being perfect we just trying to get better one day at a time.
    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the journey.

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