Your Heartfelt Passion

What lights you up more fervently than anything else in your life? Listen to whatever immediately comes to you – these are signs leading you to your real passion, your most heartfelt desire.

When we heed the call of our deepest desire, we fulfill our true destiny. Children do not shy away from their passions; they effortlessly live from a place of wonder, play, and delight. For many of us, we’re taught that we must abandon our natural passions as we cross the divide between childhood and adulthood. Yet, passion and a child-like wonder are what drives us to be. Is it not?

I’d like you to join me today and reconnect to our internal spark. What if we begin to release those long-held stories about who we should be and become more intimately re-acquainted with who we really are or want to be. 

30 thoughts on “Your Heartfelt Passion

  1. Yes I have been working on making myself ready for the real open to receive the love and passion I am worthy of having it given to me freely and unconditionally

      1. What is your personal experience for this readiness for the passion and love being offered to be coming together in the right way and recognize it is here now that you were truly ready for it?

  2. I love your beautiful message. We all need to embrace our inner child, and with that mentality comes acceptance, love, curiosity, and so much happiness for life. I hope your January is going fine thus far. And make you embrace your inner child and let the playfulness shine! I hope you have a wonderful week. Stay warm!

  3. Lovely written 🙂 I absolutely agree with you, “When we heed the call of our deepest desire, we fulfill our true destiny” Unfortunately at times we are so focused on achieving something that we do not hear the calling…

  4. I really loved this post and it got me thinking about how from a young age we become products of our environment & everyone in it. We lose a small piece of ourself until in adulthood there’s very little left of who we are. As a child I would play in the field behind my grandmas house. There were long grasses growing wild there. Somehow I liked the taste of chewing it and I always had a piece in my mouth. One day my grandma saw me and told me “stop doing that it’s dirty and you’ll get all kinds of disease” That was the last time I did it up until being pregnant at 19 with my daughter. One day whilst sitting outside – automatically and without thinking, I plucked a piece of this grass which was growing nearby and all my memories as a child came flooding back. This isn’t really about the grass it’s about how natural things and traits are chipped away by those who simply think they know better. So I’m off to run in fields of long grass again to reconnect with my passions.

  5. Well, the first thing that came to me when you asked that question was TRAVEL, so therefore I think I should pursue that even more than I already do! I especially love places with great architechture, or places with animals ❤️ Lovely post, thankyou for inspiring me and lighting up my passion for travel once again! X

  6. Your posts are always some of my favorites-there is such a purity, you make truth so obvious. Well, this one touched me deeply . . .and I am with you! love Michele

  7. Yes! This is so wonderful and exactly what I am currently working on, discovering my true passion and creating my dream life. Thank you for sharing this vital message 💛

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