Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

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Were you aware each of us —male and female—carry within us aspects of both the masculine energy and the feminine energy? Neither is more or less important than the other – they only offer us different and essential parts of our being.

The feminine energy is receptive, nurturing, intuitive, feeling (heart) values of consciousness. In other words just BEING.

The masculine energy is goal defining, competitive, fearless, problem solver (mind), protector. In other words the DOER.

If the masculine is unbalanced, it will be about fixing all the wrongs in life. You’ll experience fear, anger and the inability to move forward.

When your feminine is unbalanced, you may feel like the victim, unable to act, blaming everyone and everything for your life. Feelings and emotions will drive you and often feel victimized by them. 

This is an extremely important time for humanity. The patriarchal society that has dominated and ruled for eons, with fear to divide and conquer is beginning to dissolve…slowly. It has repressed the feminine for so long.

When a woman is abused and no one takes her seriously, when she is dismissed and even blamed, then the message she is being told is she does not matter, she does not have worth.  This is what the feminine has waited for so long, to be heard, seen, respected and valued.

It is also a time of healing for the masculine. When boys are raised not to cry or show their feelings and they’re pushed way deep inside, these repressed feelings create shadow aspects that are hidden in the subconscious mind and explode in rages of anger and violence. We need to validate everyone’s experiences.

When both energies are balanced, there is a union of the two – a meeting of the yin and yang energies within you. Your heart is open and embraces all in total surrender. You’ll feel connected, supported, nurtured and guided in your life. You’ll welcome your relationships with acceptance and compassion, and your fear of expressing your most genuine self will be gone.

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32 thoughts on “Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

  1. 🙂 It is imperative that we balance both the masculine and the feminine energies.
    By the way, the artwork is fantastic!

  2. I’ve read a lot about this shift lately and I really believe it is happening. In fact, I can feel it within myself. Strangely enough I have, very early in my life, assumed a more masculine energy, despite being a girl and later woman. I was the doer, the carer, the fixer. It’s only now, after some very serious earthquakes in my personal life that you are aware of as you’ve read about some of them, have I started to balance those two aspect out within myself. It’s very hard inner work and quite exhausting sometimes, well, most of the time actually, but I have no doubt that it will be worthwhile.

  3. What an interesting post Bernice. I’ve always encouraged my son (and daughter) to express his emotions. So important. As for me, I feel more aligned with feminine energies.

  4. This is pretty cool write up, Bernice! Very less people agree on the balancing of both energies. Men fail to accept their femininity because they believe it undermines their male ego. Sad! Everyone should accept nature but nature is appropriated as a feminine force which needs to be suppressed.

  5. Wow! I loved this and how well you explained everything. ❤️💕 We should find balance again for better society.

  6. This is such deep important balance required for our well being. Both are profound aspects of our being. It is unsettling when we get caught up in our conditioned gender roles.

  7. I really love this Bernice. I struggle a lot to balance my feminine with my masculine. Very often my feminine energy overrides it, this leaves me drained sometimes. Thank you ❤️ Mia x

  8. I was one of those little boys who were taught not to cry.
    And just like you said, I spent most of my time angry and didn’t know why.
    This post helps me understand myself as well as my wife.
    Lack of understanding have caused many relationships problems.
    Thanks for showing us how to stay connected.

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