You made a conscious choice to be here

You made a conscious choice to be living at this time on Earth. Yes, you did.

It is essential for you to claim this Truth about yourself. And as you accept this truth it allows the wheels to turn forward, and align yourself more to your task, your mission.

We all have a mission, and part of that mission involves choosing to witness planet Earth in the 3rd dimension, which is connected to the ego mind, and move towards 4th/5th dimensional, which aligns you to your Heart.

Most of us believe we are chained and don’t realize we have the key.

To become the example you can unplug from the fear programs, work on your shadow self and clear out the old stories, open your heart to love yourself, forgive those who caused you pain and sorrow, be of service, be responsible for your thoughts, actions, etc. You get the drift.


When we give permission to put the heart in the driver’s seat and the mind in the back, a shift happens within us. 

Remember, YOU are DIVINE!! You are LOVE!



23 thoughts on “You made a conscious choice to be here

  1. I loved your profound reminder for how special a gift and miracle it is for us to be here at this time in this space. Makes me more conscious and intentional of my purpose and live life awake and aware for what I am choosing for my perspectives and beliefs.

  2. The shift has well and truly begun for me. I feel it in the very core of my being. Thank you for reaffirming it. 💙🙏

  3. I am feeling this more and more. I asked God yesterday what my purpose was and I got the answer just to be a witness for light and love. Its not always easy but when we open our hearts and accept all challenges and opportunities to grow in strength, things do change. Love the photo too <3

  4. So well said Bernice! I love the cartoon, a great visual and reminder to get rid of old and unhelpful core beliefs, and I had to laugh, it’s so funny that he is standing on the “too short” box in order to do the task! Xx

  5. True and inspiring words spoken to perfection, Bernice. Yes we all r moving to the heart dimension and we have to let go of everything that is not wanted and embrace love.

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