You Know

Many people receive information through visual stimulation with images appearing in their mind’s eye. Others receive sounds clearly in their ears. Some may obtain a sudden “knowing,” a gut feeling, an idea or word that popped in their head. There are many ways to receive news and some welcome information from a combination of these.

What if I told you, you’re all very creative beings, and you design your version of your reality in your lives? How do you envision it?

You are fast coming to a place where you will be brought to the present moment, and you will just Know. I assure you, you will not have the attention span to read it in a book; to seek it on YouTube or find it from others who have ‘ideas.’

Even though others may share inspirations that have much validity, insight, and resonance – it is still not coming from within – from YOUR inspirational SELF.

For this is what occurs in the present moment – your body, your feelings, your mind and your soul meet, and without thought, you KNOW.

15 thoughts on “You Know

  1. When you have a vision, strong enough – And you Believe in it.. The How will became very easy, when the WHY is all clear

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