You are the Seed in the Earth

You are the seed in the earth, and as the sun shines upon you and the rain falls, your seed begins to grow, and you send your roots deep into the ground to hold you, support you, and nourish you.

You grow your trunk, receiving from the heavens the waters, and from the sun nourishment.

Your branches grow and become filled with leaves, and they turn their face to the sun and seek out the rain and your branches expand.

You begin to connect with all as you grow, and you become a celebration of light, anchoring it through the roots and the branches of your being.

Celebrate the life that you are. See the light fill you, receiving from the sun and the rain.

As you grow and as your branches give shape, you share your light with others, and you connect with the trees around you becoming one with the collective consciousness of all other trees, communicating, united as one as you celebrate life, and the birds come and sing to you.

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