Yin and Yang Healing the Warrior Within

I’m sure you’ve seen the yin and yang symbol before. The swirling half-circles, one black and the other white, with a dot of the opposite colour on either side. But I bet you don’t know how much power this Ancient Chinese principle really has?

Yin and Yang Contrast

The world is governed by contrasting energetic forces, masculine and feminine, which co-exist. You could say yang is like the “warrior” – and yin is like the “healer”.

The warrior is active and energetic and wants to achieve success in the world! Where the healer is peaceful, kind, and at ease. Remember, everything is influenced by the interplay of these contrasting energetic forces.

Most people can identify these contrasting traits in themselves. Even if you consider yourself to be a high flier. The need to be grounded, centered, and balanced is equally important.

Some people think that they don’t have time to introspect or meditate. But striking a balance between Yin and Yang is a fundamental part of being human.

Striking a Balance

Sitting in silence is a great source of strength. If you make time for silent reflection, meditation, etc. This will help you achieve balance. Why not check out my blog post on the top research-based benefits to regular meditation?

Balance or burnout?

When the Warrior Takes Over

When people get ahead of themselves, they normally become stressed. The warrior in them wants to achieve their goal. But without inner peace, enjoyment in the activity is lost.

Instead of pushing yourself on, try yielding or taking a step back. By practicing being present in a quiet room, you can learn to calm your mind.

Listening with Alertness

Relax and become alert to your surroundings. For example, listen to the birds tweeting in the background.

Pay attention to the endless flow of traffic moving back and forth in the distance. If you don’t live near traffic, what sound’s can you give awareness to?

Feeling Energy Within

Can you feel the energy in your hands? Try rubbing your hands together quickly until you feel a buzzing/tingling sensation.

You may be able to feel a magnetic pull between the palms of your hands. This skill requires practice.

Body Scan

The body scan is feeling the energy in different parts of the body by focusing your attention on them. Similar to ‘feeling energy’ in your hands, you can hold your attention on your feet, legs, back, shoulders and head, etc.

With regular practice, this will improve your conscious awareness. Eckhart Tolle teaches this ‘body scan’ in his book “The Power of Now”.

Watch the Thinker ☯️

‘Watching the thinker’ is another technique used in “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle to expand your consciousness. This involves listening or observing your thoughts objectively as they rise and fall.

As you anchor your attention inside your body, observe/listen to your thoughts. So by focusing on your anchor (heart), become alert. Then observe/listen to your thoughts as they come and go.

Yin and Yang Healing

And as you practice this exercise regularly, you will start to notice that thoughts occur by themselves. If you ‘watch the thinker’ long enough, your thoughts will begin to lose power.

As your thoughts slow down, your consciousness expands. And every time you practice this, the yin and yang move closer towards balance. You could say the warrior becomes healed!

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5 thoughts on “Yin and Yang Healing the Warrior Within

  1. The soul and the spirit
    is in us
    not out there

    the shadow
    of the human
    is like a coat
    of everything man does
    or not doing
    as a memory captures

  2. Hi David, thank you for providing us with insight regarding how our internal harmony springs from the recognition that each of us is comprised of both Yin and Yang energies. Interestingly enough there are many more souls who are realizing this too.

    1. Yes, thanks for sharing this blog post Bernice!! 👍This realisation is a spiritual awakening in itself. And although understanding the yin and Yang principle is all good, I find applying the mindfulness exercises i.e the body scan helps elevate your consciousness, balancing the yin with the Yang. 😃☯️

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