Where the Mind Goes – Energy Follows

Many years ago, I would pass by a park in a predominately Asian community practicing Tai Chi. I was intrigued observing elderly people, moving slowly and gracefully, all in unison.

I always wondered if I could move as effortlessly as they did.

tai chi

With those memories still fresh in my mind, I decided to rent a beginners’ DVD from my local library.

The video started out with a focus on breathing; expansion, contraction, breathing in, breathing out, fresh energy flowing in, stagnant energy flowing out.  It was followed with simple movements for the whole body.

I was doing well at first, but after a few minutes I felt unbalanced and awkward. 

I kept thinking I was taking part in a Bruce Lee film and I couldn’t shake that thought. Diana Lee – watch out cuz here I come. I lost focus. So much so, I started to laugh at myself.

diana lee inosanto
Diana Lee Inosanto

When I looked at the time, I noticed I worked out for only 15 minutes. Time was going by s-l-o-w.

This practice is not without its challenges and the main challenge for me that day was my monkey mind.

There is a saying, where the mind goes, energy follows.

22 thoughts on “Where the Mind Goes – Energy Follows

  1. There’s so much truth in “where the mind goes energy will follow.” We attract or we are attracted to the energy we encounter. For this reason we should carefully guard our mind and thought-process. If not, we can become one with what we think.

  2. The very title takes us to the mind and from there the thoughts begin.
    Thus the flow…
    The stock of energy is in the mind therefore it must follow. It is the power of the mind to make it follow.
    The images are concurrent to the post.

  3. I love that line “…where the mind goes, energy follows.” I want to ponder that today. I took tai chi once and of all times I chose to do it, I was pregnant. After about four month my center of gravity was so off I had to quit. Never did take it up again. But I do know that for me, yoga clears up monkey mind better than anything else I’ve tried. Great post.

  4. Oh my goodness, we seem to have done it again. Once again I come over to visit you and we’re both in a similar place. My mum used to do Tai Chi, she was so good at it. I could never master it. I’ll stick to my Zumba and meditation I think. 🙂✨

  5. Thank you for this you have inspired me to try it out, quitely in my room via you tube… i need to do some exercise and this looks good for someone like me who is so inflexible.

  6. I love the vision of a sea of people doing Tai Chi. I used to go to classes and I did enjoy it. These days I go with a class that has chi gung and yoga. Suits me better. 🌼

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