What is True Freedom?

I’ve been working on a project and the theme that keeps coming up for me is Freedom. Freedom codes. Freedom within. 

I expected no less, when I came across a post by Daisy in the Willows about “Dissecting Freedom”.  Daisy is creative and a genius with her play on words. 

She wrote: True freedom can only be found within oneself. So far the best answer to coming up with a solution to this problem is denouncing all modern society and live in Nature and become self-sufficient and independent. I don’t see many people willing to give up their mobile phones, flashy cars, collection of fine wines, burn up a bunch of millions of dollars to live a life of true freedom”.  

We are at a time in this world, where we can create the version of the New Year that we want to experience. We are that powerful!

What would you love to create for the upcoming year? Write these seeds of your intent and on the eve of the new year at midnight, burn the piece of paper in sacred ceremony. Remain in a state of allowing for what you have requested. Keep your heart open.

What does “Freedom” mean to you? Please share.

23 thoughts on “What is True Freedom?

  1. I have recently realised that freedom is a vital keyword for me, something that encompasses everything I want to invite into my life: the healing of my mind, heart and body so that I am free to do everything I wish be it in my professional as well as private life. The freedom to be my true self and to create my dream life accordingly ♥️. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic 🙏

  2. Hello how are you? I wanted to ask you a question… I’m writing a blog post ‘bloggers to follow in 2020’ and wanted to share your blog and some of your links on there, do I have your permission to do so please!?? Thank you! x

  3. Happy new year Bernice. Yes, I suppose true freedom is not being a slave to the influence of society. For me it’s feeling able to express myself, not being afraid to step out and shine our own light, allowing ourselves to fall, fail and shine all with grace. 🙏

  4. I love this. And the ritual idea. I usually do a vision board but this year it’s words, a mantra, that are coming to mind. Freedom showed up in my meditations his morning. I’m still not sure exactly what it means to me but I’m working on defining it before midnight. Thanks.

      1. I do! I’m guessing it would appear on the bottom left of one of my posts or the top right in the WordPress reader feed.
        Thanks for asking!

  5. Freedom is beyond fear, worry, individual and human concerns about the future of our planet, its creatures, and whether or not everyone will have what they need. Freedom is for all, for without ALL being freed, it’s difficult to imagine freedom. May we find peace until freedom is realized.

  6. Freedom is being able to detach oneself from the noisy world, whilst in the noisy world. The ability to withdraw inside yourself to find peace. Freedom is not to be physically alone and detached. But to be in a crowd and able to find peace.

    In my humble opinion.

  7. Freedom – to continue to shine the light of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Freedom for me was the day I was adopted into the family of God and received his free gift of salvation. May you search the word of our living God and not lean unto your own understanding for 2020. Sending a warm gentle hug. 🙂

    1. Thank you Brenda for sharing. I’ve always known God, our creator, growing up through church or so I thought I did, but in the last few years, I have surrendered/leaned on him every single day and it became more personal. Big Hugs to you too and a fabulous new year to you and yours. ~ Bernice

  8. The day that we resolve and understand our fears, they lose their power over us in everything that we do. And on that same day we will finally love ourselves unconditionally, because that condition of fear we place on ourselves is finally removed.
    And a truer freedom we will not find ❤️

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