33 thoughts on “What are YOU Grateful for?

  1. I have had a great deal of things happen to me that could have killed me or my family. Grateful for almost everything.


  2. Home. When I think of those people who have to leave their home because of war and go to other country in search of a safe place, people who do not have proper home, just a temporary shelter, I feel grateful for having a home.

  3. I’m alive. I have an old soul of a daughter and a king of a husband to be. A mother who is priceless and a Nan who still can shake a tail feather. I have 30-60 years of more life ( with a bit of wisdom and self acceptance ) xxx

  4. I am grateful for being healthy. Sure, we suffer the occasional back pain, and sure, I’m far from completing my dental works, but I’m just so grateful that we don’t have to spend our days in hospitals and our money on medicine too. So grateful :). Praying for those who are going through this, hoping that the Lord will provide! 🙂

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