We are Spiritual Beings

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You are not a body, you merely live in a body.

Many of us don’t even realize how spiritually divine we ALL are!  We exist in spiritual form before we are born into this physical world. We transition from one plane (earth) to the other side when we pass away (spiritual); and that is our true home. We are eternal.

Seeing yourself as a human being having an occasional spiritual experience —is loaded with fear for most people.  It is an illusion created by the ego which strives to support a separate address and identity from its infinite Source. We are in this physical world, but we are not from this world.

Who we are is pure love. It sounds simple yet very profound. Our Soul is where unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, peace and joy live. 

We all agreed to live on this planet at this point in space and time. We’re here to learn lessons, to grow spiritually, be and shine the light that we are, release karma, try to forgive ourselves and others as we strive to love each other unconditionally.

We’re co-creators working for the glory of God as we experience every facet of this thing called Life in a physical body.

Do you see yourself as an infinite spiritual being?









19 thoughts on “We are Spiritual Beings

  1. I do, personally, yes, yet I am frequently puzzled by the disconnect I feel between this sense that all beings are spiritual beings, perfect just as we are, and the likes of Hitler, or child abusers, or people who enslave children and other adults. This split in my thinking has yet to be resolved, as I approach my seventies, but I keep working on it!

  2. I agree. This post basically sums up the weekend retreat that I went to a few weeks ago. So simple yet so profound. My mind is just starting to figure out the life plan of my soul and has it ever been an eye opening and invigorating experience. Beautifully worded post.

  3. Yes, I do see myself as a spiritual being. What would we truly have if only this temporary finite body that will one day return to dust? Good post and a great reminder of where our true focus should be; on the things of a spiritual nature.

  4. Yes, infinite spiritual beings we are. Once we realize it, we can stop spending our time looking after our outer, bodily form, and find our true spiritual form inside, as you have aptly outlined above. The spiritual form will take care of the physical personage of it.

  5. Yes. I do. And everything we do leads to more experience, greater wisdom. I think even the smallest activity can become sacred by remembering our Source. It’s hard to practise being a human and our souls pour in love at our courage. Humans are amazing creatures slogging on, often in the dark. Nice post – thanks.

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