Unlock Your Karma

Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. We create Karma through our thoughts, acts, and feelings, and we can choose to be free from it.

Were you aware that we can break the cycle by understanding the issues underlying our karmic connections with other souls?

Here’s a short video that helps illustrate the idea behind Karma. Enjoy.😄😊🙃 Where are all the social influencers…I need to take a quick course. 🤣🤣

11 thoughts on “Unlock Your Karma

  1. i would very much appreciate if you could send me a link to her page please …..and thank you for your time my dear ….bless up

  2. It’s a big journey Bernice, but a very beautiful one in that creating we do. You have trodden its path and now sharing its meaning. May it flow with those treasures found and the love within them. You have always been that soul holding a light for others so may this also go with many blessings on this path 😀❤️🙏

      1. All of them dear lady, always all of them. When I finally understood, even the nasty bits are done with love…the fear of its lack…they all lead to that. Go where it leads within you dear lady, your fears have left the building 😀❤️🙏

          1. omg i loved reading her stuff …..i dont even know this woman but i have a deep sense of sadness ….do you know wat she passed of …..or was it jus old age ………i will miss her arti cles …….truly a great soul …i could see she hsd love in her heart

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