Transported to Another Place

Photo by Glen Noble

Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis, Paulo Coelho and many more
transports me to another time and place stirring strong emotions
deliciously provoking my thought process


I was challenged by a blogger friend of mine to participate in the Three Line Tales – Week 5 challenge. It was fun!

12 thoughts on “Transported to Another Place

  1. Beware he who thinks only he has the right opinion; he’s doing all the right things the Almighty has instructed & everyone else is wrong!

  2. The world needs the world of books because that’s where the inspiration to brighten the world comes from. Good move for taking up the challenge, Bernice.

  3. Hello and welcome to TLT – I’m glad you took up the challenge! Books are time machines and brain exercisers and so many more things… Lovely lines 🙂

  4. Books are such a kick starter to getting the juices flowing. Idea upon Idea builds up on the flow of a single, newly recognized flash of inspiration.

  5. So true… I like to stay in the world of books. If you read right sort of books it does take u into another world and impacts your life in a positive way. A book which did to me was “The Laws of the Spirit World” by Khorshed Bhavnagri.

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