Transformation Occurs Within

There is an ancient Zen parable that tells of a young monk-in-training who searches the world for a true master and a peaceful place. Yet, he finds only angry, unhappy people everywhere he goes.

After roaming through many towns the young monk meets a Zen teacher in disguise who asks the traveler what he has experienced during his journey. When the teacher hears of displeasure and misery from the young monk, he replies, “I think that you will only find more of the same anger and unhappiness where ever you go. Only when we find love and true light within ourselves could we see life differently.”

The young monk doesn’t recognize the teacher nor understand the teaching and leaves as he walked in, angry and unhappy.

The young monk sees anger and unhappiness everywhere because he carries the anger and unhappiness within.

Whatever you hold within translates to the physical world through experiences and interactions. Transformation occurs when you acknowledge, accept and embrace your shadow self.


26 thoughts on “Transformation Occurs Within

  1. Inspiring post! The monk was clearly not practising acceptance. That is to accept life the way it is. The monk could not receive this Spiritual guidance from the Zen Master because of his thoughts about everybody’s unhappiness. Thanks for sharing this.
    I think we are more like the monk than we think, in one way or another.

  2. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with this profound and inspiring story, Bernice. Everything is inside of you and that is how you see the world from that perspective. Drop all this so called negatives and life is beautiful. Great post.

  3. An important reminder, Bernice! We have a tendency to judge our surroundings before looking within ourselves. With a positive mind and a loving heart, it’s much likely that we’ll notice the good in life.

  4. such a delightful story with such a beautiful message that what we carry around within us makes us who we are and how we see the world. bless you for sharing this.

  5. Hi Bernice I’ve noticed your absence this past while and am delighted to see your new post! It is so true we can’t expect others to make us happy, it is something we must do for ourselves! Lovely insightful story. Le grà, Marie xx

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