Live in the Moment

Every moment is valuable and we can miss out if we aren’t completely present, but no matter how many moments we miss, the eternal Now is always here.


Life is one big everlasting moment. It’s comprised of fleeting individual moments that don’t seem connected at the surface, but when we sit down and really take notice, we understand that there is only Now; therefore, live in the moment and make it worth remembering.

31 thoughts on “Live in the Moment

  1. So very very true. And yet so often we forget and regress to the past. Thanks for the reminder to stay focused.

  2. Some people discover to late how very important one moment in their life was, and they were focused on what was next and missed it. How sad is that.

  3. Thanks for such an inspiring message my dear. As for me, I will just take each day as it comes and make the best of it. I will live in my moment!


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