Thought for the Day

Sometimes the most beautiful opportunities bloom on the roadside where life has created a split in the road of our lives. 

Yet we are so busy contemplating which path to take that we don’t take time to rest and see or smell the pleasant scent of the beauty that surrounds us that could easily point us in the direction we are meant to take.

Enjoy your day! xo

35 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

      1. Cheers!, I’m doing good. How are you getting on? I really like your new website theme, it really suits your blog. I know you have had it for a wee while now, but it’s cool!
        Dave 🙂

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    Thought for the day. This post is a reminder to slow down. We we are usually rushing here and rushing there, that we rush past the beauty of nature. We show no gratitude for beauty that surrounds us. It is time to slow down.

    Beautiful and thought provoking words from

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