This Tree Was Watching Me

This may seem weird to you.

I was heating up my car before leaving to the office, and as always, I looked across to see the trees, since it brings me to a place of serenity. At times, I get to watch a squirrel or two nibbling on food but something different caught my eye. The tree in front of me was looking right back at me.

Leaning closer to the car window I thought, “this tree has an eye”.

My photo

I’ve read in numerous sites/articles that trees communicate with each other due to a vast information superhighway they have underground. On BBC it was discovered plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus.

Have you stood in silence, hugged a tree, sensed the energy of the tree, and it “spoke” with you? 

All I know was that this tree was watching me.

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34 thoughts on “This Tree Was Watching Me

  1. Great Post. 🙂 It really does look like an Eye. I saw an Eye in a Tree a few weeks ago in Donegal in Ireland. It had more than one eye. It was a very Enchanting Type of Forest and when I took a photo of this tree the very first photo came out really Magical with a type of blurred circular Portal or Vortex around the Tree. I’ve never taken such a mysterious picture. I put photos of it on my site. You might find them interesting if you like this type of thing, Out of all the trees in the Forest this one stood out.


    I also had a Magical Night amongst trees on the Evening of the Summer Solstice where I noticed, saw and felt a lot of things about the trees. I wrote a poem about it called “A Trip in the Trees”.

  2. This post touched my heart! There was tree in my backyard …it was my ‘friend’ and it had the Eye – it always watched over me and we have had countless conversations 🙂 The tree is no longer there …it was heartbreaking to see it go.

    1. What a wonderful connection you had with this tree. You must’ve felt his presence; and the wisdom and healing you offered to each other is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I actually have never hugged a tree. But they are quite majestic. I have heard they talk to each other, but i didnt known it was the internet of fungus. Great post and great photo.

  4. I was doing standing meditation (as I usually do), I opened my eyes and saw a tree staring at me. In that moment, I likened myself to being like a tree…and I was holding my arms out like branches. I could have gone outside and hugged that tree. And yes, I love that there’s a whole underground network of communication. They are wise!
    And you…you’re speaking my language. Hehe. Sending you hugs! It’s almost April 15. Hang in there! xo

    1. What a marvellous view! I love trees, especially those tall ancient ones. I think there’s a magic force among trees. Great you caught the moment and share with us, Bernice!

  5. Definitely see the eye in the tree! I have definitely felt a deep sense of communication with mother nature recently.

  6. Oh yes I have felt trees communicating with me……….it is quite amazing what you can “hear” when you sit quietly and just listen.

  7. The tree was most definitely watching (or guarding) you. There is a state park in Florida (Washington Oaks State Park), and it’s full of thick, gorgeous, century-old oak trees with magnificent shade cover dripping with Spanish moss. Some of the branches are so heavy and ancient they almost touch the ground. When I walk among those trees (the same in the Redwood National Forest), I can only imagine how accurate human history would be if trees could tell the story. What an honor to be recognized by this unique gem!

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