The Truth – Poem

Unless it is eternal it is not the Truth
But a passing thought,
Unless it’s beautiful it is not the Truth
But an emotion formed in fear and ignorance,
Unless it lives, inspires and gives life
It is not the Truth but a falsehood and a dream,

Unless it radiates love, joy and peace
It is not the Truth, but another human conception —
When we look at the horrors around us
The spirit says awaken to your Truth —

Suffering is a divine mechanism that prompts us to let go,
To heed the call of humanity’s cries
And free ourselves.
We have let ourselves be controlled by fear
But the Truth is we can’t be harmed and are eternal —

Embrace this Truth and live
Express your Truth and Be
The Truth isn’t found in words but in the spirit prompting
In the moment, now,
Open up, free your mind, and journey forth,
And as the changing colors of the living sky
Reflect the Truth and Beauty of Life,
Embody it and let It perfect you.

The poem is part of a collection entitled, “The Pregnant Silence” by Don Turner. 

17 thoughts on “The Truth – Poem

  1. The most impacted verses on me:
    Unless it lives, inspires and gives life
    It is not the Truth but a falsehood and a dream,

    Thanks for writing!

  2. There are many wise words in these stanzas. As I read, I thought about how, throughout human history, there have been times of more peace (and love) and times of less, ebbing and flowing like a seasonal stream. When we get too comfortable or too complacent, it is then that times get ripe for the manipulators to pull their tricks. Those who seek truth, hope, and love are the ones who must sound the alarm to wake the others and make decisions for the betterment of not just humanity, but for all life with whom we share this earth, and for the earth itself. Lovely poem. Thank you for sharing this excerpt with us. 🙂 And it’s almost the end of tax season! Yay! I’ve had questions for my own accountant and have been patiently waiting until after April 15th. lol. Hang in there!

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