The Power of Now

As I was rummaging through my closet, I came across Echkart Tolle’s first book “The Power of Now”.  Tolle states that every minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost because all you have is the present moment.

The book provides great insights into being present, mindful, cultivating peace within, and accepting what is.  The timing of finding this book couldn’t have come sooner.

Life is just a series of present moments.
The only significant time is the one we think about the least; the present. Everything we do, feel, and sense all takes place in The Now. When you think about, the past is nothing more than all present moments that have gone by and the future is just the collection of current moments waiting to arrive.

All pain is a result of resistance to the things you cannot change.
I’ve heard it said that the only pain you suffer is the one you create yourself. I tend to agree with this statement. Tolle says when we worry, what we are doing is projecting our mind out into the future; worrying about what hasn’t come and usually most of it never happens. It can be one of many factors that can cause anxiety.

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Living in the NOW enables you to relish every little sensation and emotion of the moment entirely. So, clear your mind of useless distractions. With a clear head, free yourself from worries about the past and future. You’ll see beyond the surface of things and discover and appreciate their inherent worth and beauty.

Journeyer’s remember to focus on the joys, blessings, and opportunities of each day of your life.

Bernice xo


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  1. well said I like the article, well written! the power of now has influenced my life too and I wrote about it. ive read the book like 6 times and always reference it

  2. I think it is the same one. We don’t get Oprah on TV in Scotland unfortunately. ☹️ But I recommend watching the webinar series along with reading the book – (A New Earth). Just not as the same time obviously! A gem of a blog post Bernice.
    I like how you explain life as a series of present moments.

      1. I’m doing fine 🙂 I’ve been on holiday to Perthshire, not used to such good weather in Scotland. 😎

  3. Great blog post Bernice!
    I am also a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle.
    Have you seen the webinar series on youtube with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey?

  4. I am so thrilled to have come across this post today. I just returned from the library with the book, The Power of Now, and somehow found your post today………I realize this can’t be a coincidence and now I am going to be sure to read it. Thank you!

  5. The curious thing is have you noticed you can’t actually BE in the past or BE in the future, but you know of thoughts about a past or future.

  6. Echkart Tolle’s words always ring true as if anew, always help us rest into the peace of the moment. Your post is a very useful reminder of how we create each one of our experiences from moment to moment.

  7. Hi Bernice,

    We are energy, and as energy we decide where that energy goes. If it goes into the past, it is wasted. If it goes into the future, it creates the future we envision. If we focus it in the now, on every possible positive thing we can come up with, it enriches us and every soul we come in contact with. I say, let the energy be strong and pure, and used in the place where it will do well for all.

      1. Chronic refers to a condition that is persistent and long-lasting. Fatigue is lack of energy. I hate to state the obvious, but there you have it.

        When one lacks energy, one has to go to where energy comes from. Generally we have been outfitted with enough life force to last 70-80 years on average. Chronic fatigue would indicate that life force is being drained at an increased rate. But where is it going? How does soul energy get siphoned off?

        There are many ways, and I probably cannot list them all here, but rather just point in a direction and let the rest be your own self-discovery.

        We are spiritual beings at our core. Worry can sap us of energy. There are things inside of us like this and/or lack of some basic nutrient that often causes a siphon or blockage of the life force. This is a case of balancing the energies.

        Beyond that it gets more spiritual and complicated. Other souls around us can be energy vampires, especially if they stress us and cause us to worry. It is not uncommon for some people to put others through childhood trauma and then steal their life force through that trauma for the rest of their years. In a like manner, belief in false doctrine can have a similar effect. In this case we need to restore the energies or the lifeline to them.

        The best I can do in this comment section is point you in a direction. The pointers above are general but can lead you to more specifics.

        In the end, Source is where our energy comes from. Reunite with, or break the blockages between you and Source, and there is plenty of energy. There should be energy to spare. Hope this helps.

        1. Thank you, it was really generous of you to compile such a detailed and interesting response. My curiosity has been stirred and I’m eager to learn more.

      2. Marie- you can be a sensitive person and therefore, as he pointed out, someone in your household is draining you of your energy and he/she is unaware of it; stuck energy; adrenals are being affected, etc. In July, when I have more time, reach out to me. If ur interested I’ll perform an energy healing for you free of charge. I’ll just need a photo and full name. I’m a Reiki master; energy healer/practitioner w/ various modalities.

        1. Thank you so much Bernice, this is what I love about WordPress, the sense of community and generosity of spirit. Your offer is very kind. I will stay in touch! I hope your life transition is coming about as it’s meant to.

  8. Thanks for this. It has come at the perfect time. I have ‘The Power Of Now’ at home but started reading it and could not get into it, I think it’s the style of writing! But I definitely feel like I have gained from your post about it / perspective etc etc.. I definitely intend on reading this book again but I like how you’ve written about the important points! xx

  9. I love your posts. We have very similar thoughts. Have a great day! 😀

  10. So true. Echkart Tolle’s book is full of wisdom and a philosophy that will always stand the test of time. Hope all is well Bernice. x 🙂

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