The New Earth

The new earth concept has been around for many years. I heard that years from now the gap between the 4D and 5D will be get wider. Have you heard that too?

In a recent session, I asked what the new earth was and it was interesting to say the least.

The new earth arises as more people discover that their primary purpose is to bring the light of consciousness into the world.

As the new consciousness emerges on the planet, an increasing number of people no longer need to be shaken to have an awakening. They will voluntarily do so as the awakening is now, in the present moment.

More importantly, we are here to live our lives and to create the reality we want to experience and, in doing so, embody more unconditional love to become our higher selves.

This is one of our best incarnations, because as many of you know, as we change within, the world outside of us seems to change. We’re making history as we experience life on planet Earth.

If you have a question regarding the universe, history, current situation, write it in the comments and it will be answered in an upcoming session.

Link to session – I also included a PDF of a decree to bring more love to the Earth (included in the description section).

10 thoughts on “The New Earth

  1. Such important times we live in right now and it is indeed our most important work and reincarnation. I can feel it all come together and it is a privilege to inspire as many as we can along the way.

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          1. Hi, I’ve noticed it’s only doing that in the Reader and not on the browser. I have checked to see if my likes and comments feature are enabled and they are. So, I will have to see if WordPress can fix it on their end.

  2. Good to read from you time and again – I enjoy your posts on spirit and consciousness as always and find them resonant in my felt experience.

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