The New Earth

person holding a green plant

The old crumbles to make room for the new.

Old foundations have supported us for a long time. For centuries humans have built, expanded, and evolved on the foundations, which now are crumbling.

We are not returning to the old, ancient ways.

We are creating something new.

I don’t think you and I will experience the full vision of what we have created and are standing for. Perhaps we are not meant to. We are the seeds.

The foundations we are building for the new earth are not for us. They are for the future of humanity.

You are called to build them right now.

It doesn’t mean you won’t experience the fullness of your potential, your greatness, and the genius flowing through you in this lifetime.

You can.

The more you are willing to face your conditioning and perceived limitations, the deeper you can feel what you have been trying to remain numb to. And the higher you will raise your frequency and fulfill your soul’s desire, your purpose.

There is a vision living in your heart, a desire of your soul.

Let yourself know it and create it. Let it be part of the new foundation for your life and what becomes possible for others.

2022 is the year of seeing clearer, bigger, and building the foundation for the next evolution of your life. Lead and thrive!

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  1. Wonderful as always. Just noticed that your site’s follow should be saying that I’m already du following you. Not sure how that happened but corrected and I’m back lol.

      1. Yeah it has happened before but still catches me by surprise when it happens and I’m like “wait a minute, I never unsubscribed.” Lol, glad to be back.

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