The Masters' Way
Path of Light
Online Course

Join us for this 10 month program where the Ascended Masters offer teachings, energetic activations and many tools and techniques to help you make your spiritual self a reality in your day to day life. 


Classes begin Mid-September 2022


Tuesday from 4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST  or 

Sunday at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST 



Bernice Cruz
I am Honored to Be Your guide

Are you going through challenging times in life?

We can help. We can show you how to get through the bumps. The Masters’ Way course assists you to resolve all parts of you that do not support your soul’s mastery on Earth–due to fear, old beliefs, control issues, deep memories, old traumas, etc.

It’s a course for those who are ready to dive deep into what lies beyond the veil. You will get to explore parts of yourself and this world that you didn’t know existed. You will look back on this moment and realize it was a turning point in your life.

If you feel you are ready for some amazing and deep work, CLICK on the Yes! I WANT TO JOIN NOW Button to provide your name and email and I will reach out to you within 24 hours. 


If you have any questions, contact me at (if you’re impulsed to moved forward but the times doesn’t fit with your schedule…let me know – there is another option for Sunday’s at 9am PST. – depending on how many join) 

Do You Have a Fear of

Being seen – standing out

Being heard – finding my voice

Being persecuted – criticized

Being too smart or too dumb – ego

Being a know it all – humiliated

Being successful – what does success look like to you?

Being prosperous – what is prosperity to you?

Being free – manifesting

How Will It Improve Your Life?



Create a deeper connection to your soul

Assists you to receive guidance more easily

Learn how energy flows and how you can create it

Open your unique gifts

Resolve unbalanced karma to release fear and limitations

Resolve parts of you that hold beliefs and patterns that do not serve you

During this course you will learn how to resolve your karma and release your shadow selves (aspects). You will also learn about your energetic being – the chakras, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more.

The student package includes:

  • 332-page manual with recordings of the lessons.
  • A welcome letter with the channeled names of the 3 Ascended Masters who will guide and support you.
  • Your personal focus for this course.
  • 30 Lessons on the Path of Light from the Ascended Masters including Lord Buddha, Babaji, Lord Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Serapis Bey, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, and Lord Melchizedek.
  • All lessons are also supplied as an MP3 audio file via a Dropbox link for you to listen to PLUS many extra meditations to assist and support you.
  • Each lesson has an outline of the Key Teachings at the beginning and an interactive Student Worksheet to finish.
  • Your cells, DNA, aspects, monads and energy bodies will be highly activated as you work with this manual.
  • 21 Chapters filled with practical information and tools about Energy, Souls and Monads, The Light Body, Aspects, Karma, Chakras, Sensory Gifts, Universal Rays, Universal Laws, Basic Energy Work, Psychic Protection, Clearing Space, Crystals, Vibrational Essences, Light Technology, Ascended Master Tools, Decrees, and Affirmations.

3 Universal Healing Rays Online Sessions as extra support


Although not compulsory, It is highly recommended students receive 3 Universal Ray healings during each level to support their consciousness to open and expand and integrate the energy work of the course.


This profound healing therapy assists you to transform your consciousness in all areas of your life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


It’s healing system works with your subtle energy bodies and chakras where you house your subconscious and unconscious, thought forms and beliefs.


You have the option to book the course with or without these 3 sessions. The sessions are held remotely over zoom.


Registration and Payment Options

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Testimonials From Students All Around the World

I’ve just started the course “the path of light” and I’m writing to you to say thank you for channelling one of the most beautiful texts I’ve ever read in this life. ♥️🙏🏻 This course is just amazing; I’m discovering myself in a deep level that I always doubted so much... and I just wanted to say thank you for your teachings and all your time and dedication to create something as beautiful as this material. ♥️ Keep shining ♥️ “ - Agata, UK

For More Information on The Masters’ Way Path of Light Course visit their Main Page here.

Registration ends July 31st, 2022. Classes begin September 2022.  

Spiritual Journey Healing 2022

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