The Lions Gate

I want to share a dream I had a few weeks ago. I was in the house I grew up in. I went to the backyard and noticed a handful of lions laying around on the mountainside. My immediate reaction was to turn around and run but instead, I stood there watching them in amazement. After a few seconds, I quietly walked back into the house. Although they didn’t pose a threat, I moved a heavy dresser against the door to make sure they couldn’t get in the house and ran to warn the rest of the family (I noticed panic/fear set in).

I didn’t understand it then, but if you’re into Astrology, we’re in the midst of the Lions Gate Portal which culminates on 8/8. We’re entering into an accelerated time of transformation that will take us into 2020. It’s a time when we’re releasing the last vestiges of the old.

For the next few weeks, the message for us is to trust. Honor the stirrings of our heart and step into the doors of new possibilities which are opening before us. (And here I was, unconsciously blocking the door to change 😊 ) Surrender our worries and trust in the higher power to guide us.

There will be an unprecedented out pouring of ‘sludge’ that has been hidden from us, which will spark hate, disbelief and anger. Keep an open heart.

Every single thing always works out even when we don’t understand it at the moment. Resistance will only keep us within the realm of what is already known, and in many cases, expired.

Let’s move forward together and turn a new page. We got this <3


19 thoughts on “The Lions Gate

  1. I nearly had a similar dream. My mom told me that new gates are going to open for me. I think I am ready for it now after reading your post

  2. I feel as though I’m in the midst of life changes and much self discovery. I began a Life Mastery course last month which will take me to the end of the year and feel as though I’ve taken a big leap. It’s a powerful time 🙏

    1. Awesome news! It is a powerful and enlightening time in history. So many are waking up from their slumber sleep. We are creating the new. Much love to you. ❤️🦋🌻🙏

  3. Thank you for sharing! I can also feel that change is all around and I am excited and scared at the same time. Just last night I did something that was solely based on an inner “nudge” and not on the logical mind and now all I can do is to wait and see what happens, trusting that everything will be good. And deep within me I know, that even though this year has already brought so much change for me, that there is even more to come. And I am ready!! Not all of the time, but mostly I am 😉

  4. Interesting post, Bernice. I found your blog through Rhapsody today and I’m happy for that.
    I do see a lot of chaos going on around me and anger, as need their expression and explanation. I wish for those in need, that they find their way and by that get rid of their anger too.
    I try to live with an open heart and live day by day with the experiences, as are coming in. This gives me more inner peace.

  5. This makes so much sense to me now and I am sure I was suppose to find this information at this point of my journey. I got stung by a caterpillar the other day, which I thought was random. To me it was a sign of all the transformation ahead of me, and to stay strong because it will sting and burn as I go through it.
    Thank you Bernice. ❤️

  6. A time for cleansing, clearing and transforming. I am not into Astrology, so this was very interesting. I always feel something in the air, lately a heaviness and sometimes lightness.

  7. Wow this really resonates because so many people have been sharing they are overcome with anger and rage lately. I am noticing that in myself too. This is amazing as the Sun will move into Leo soon and Mars is there at the moment. I love the Lion energy, I did not realise there was a portal. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Beautiful. ❤️ We’ve so got this, girl! xx Actually, not that it’s a coincidence at ALL that I’m reading this now, but last light I had a dream that was clearly the purging of some wounds. When I woke this morn, I had a sense of just wanting to ‘let go’ and go wherever I was guided. There is absolutely no point in trying to fight the energy of the minute: it is so thick, but at the same time I do have a sense of safety, regardless of the changes occurring. It’s that sense of being ‘held’ and stumbling across posts like this at the right time just confirms that lovely, gentle universal support. xx ❤️😘

  9. It indeed is a powerful time and the changes are felt in the collective consciousness – aware friends are sharing with each other how we are experiencing huge shifts towards the New and higher ways of being. I enjoyed reading the astrological perspective and the wonderful explanation from you.

  10. Thank you. I am finding this season is bringing lots of self discovery from both the shadow and light. I am experiencing deep sadness and joy. I keep remembering that this is a necessary step towards NEXT. I have dreams and feel I am moving toward them. I look forward to seeing what happens next, so I stay with the work, the highs and the lows in the now.

  11. True and I agree completely with your profound words, Bernice. Our world is shifting to a fifth dimension and as you rightly said we have to move with our hearts and understand everything around us. Great picture and what a majestic Lion.

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