The Gong Bath

Have you ever attended a Gong Bath? Neither have I and it always peaked my interest. So when I heard there was an event happening not far from my home, I knew I had to go.

So many people consider it a sound massage for the mind and body. Who wouldn’t want that…right? 

The gong master setting up

gongAt the onset of the session, the gong master mentioned that people typically experience a sense of expanded awareness and higher vibrations as the sound of the gong flows throughout the body.  Ok buddy, I thought to myself…let’s turn off the lights and get to it. 😉

My warm fuzzy socks

Although I was laying down on a cushiony mat with a pillow and a blanket I was fidgety for the first 10 minutes trying to get in a more comfortable position (or was I in resistance?).

Once I found my sweet spot, I began to drift off and enjoy the sound gently reverberating over, around and through my entire body. At one point, I felt emotional and tears were streaming down my face. I breathed through it and continued to enjoy the session.

I woke up feeling light headed yet energetic. I would definitely do it again and am grateful for the experience

Have YOU experienced a Gong bath? Please share.

22 thoughts on “The Gong Bath

  1. Screw the Gong bath… The socks! Priceless lol! Amazing post as always Bernice. I need to try the Gong bath thing. Thanks for bringing that forth to my consciousnesses. Happy Holidays 😊

      1. Same here! That would be perfect.

        Did you know the vibrations can travel well beyond the venue, benefiting people nearby? A dear friend has a large quartz singing bowl, I’ve read the radius at which the vibrations can still be detected from those types of bowls is beyond 25km. She’s a real blessing for her neighbourhood!

  2. I love them! I’ve friends who are Gong Masters, so I’ve had the pleasure of discovering both Gong and Sound baths for the last few years. I agree it’s crazy trying to explain it, it really has to be experienced to be understood. I’ve had the most relaxing experiences when I surrender to it. I’ve seen that each experience is different every time I go as well, especially with each different Gong Master as they all play in such a unique way using a variety of sound/musical instruments. It really helps me with managing and healing the effects of the M.E./CFS on my body, during my Awakening journey. They’re so powerful as a healing tool, not merely just for the pleasure of the relaxation.

    1. Kelly, this is awesome! So nice of you to have commented and share your experience(s) with us. I agree with you. It’s something to be experienced. A big hug.

      1. Thank you Bernice. <3 xx I'm very blessed to know a variety of different healers and healing modalities. Big hugs to you.xx

  3. Can’t say I’ve ever experienced one. Sounds amazing . I often have tears fall during my meditations. I’d do this if I could.

  4. That’s fascinating! I’ve never even heard of one, but if I ever get the chance, I’ll definitely go. Sounds like something I would love.

  5. How interesting. I can almost hear the sound a gong makes using past experience. Although, today is my 1st time hearing about the Gong Bath, I do know how sounds heal and rejuvenate, especially those emanating from one’s own soul. Tuning is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!!!

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