The Gift of Darkness

It is difficult for many people to understand that Darkness is indeed the creation of the Creator. Light and Darkness are tools of learning so as you use your gift of free choice for your evolution, you have those contrasts to guide you.

You may say that Humanity creates its own darkness. This, to a certain extent, is true, just as Humanity creates its own Light, but the greater part of Light and Darkness conforms to a particular cosmic cycle of evolution.

Darkness, therefore, presents Humanity with a great opportunity to focus on Light. Recognize that like a baby that comes forth into the light from the darkness of the womb, all things grow in the dark and from Darkness comes birth, comes new life, comes Light. From your world’s apparent Darkness, their is Light within you that offers you new life as well.

Consider therefore, the true nature of Darkness. It is an outer thing and not of the inner planes, for your spirit does not dwell in Darkness. It is only your personality, the little ego self, that recognizes and fears the Darkness that is around it. Darkness cannot threaten the spirit. Darkness cannot oppress and mislead the spirit. Darkness is only a possession of the egoic personality and you are not your personality. Your bodies are merely vehicles of expression, the servants of your spirit.

So the purpose of the cycles of Darkness is to help you to focus your attention upon the Light where your spirit self dwells. Darkness is always an invitation to go within as that is where your Light resides. Do not oppose it but see it as the gift it indeed is. You have been giving the gift of choice ~ choose wisely as these are the days in which you are sowing your garden for harvest in future incarnations.

Recognize that you have all chosen to be here at this time; it is a time you desired to experience. No one is here by chance. Every one of you present on the Earth has selected this present incarnation with great care because it offers you a supreme lesson and that supreme lesson is to exercise the divine gift of free choice in these most demanding times with correct spiritual motivation. It is to search for the Light in the Darkness. It is to know that their is nothing to fear in the Darkness provided you focus on the Light and that it is by such focus, by such concentration, by such an attunement, that you will set the pattern of your spiritual evolution for many lives to come.

So be thankful for the Darkness. See it as the gift it is; one that is just as valuable as the gift of Light. There is no need to focus on Darkness. There is no need to judge Darkness. There is no need to discuss and try to understand Darkness. There is no need to oppose it โ€ฆ merely observe it, and from that observation you will be led into the Light

Ramala Series III

18 thoughts on “The Gift of Darkness

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It was beautifully written. Also, thanks for the reminder from me who had been in the Darkness more times than once, and learning not to hate or judge it.

  2. I was pondering the thoughts of darkness several weeks ago, as I was outside late at night gazing at the bright moon with an amazing formation of clouds securely surrounding such beauty. I have come to realize that I see, feel, & become more aware in times of darkness. I never saw the miracle of life or change as anything other than light being attached. You express the meaning from a perspective I now understand. Too often, we are taught as a child, that darkness symbolizes evil, fear, despair & even death. I have come to believe that darkness has purpose & meaning & I can embrace this as much as I can in the presence of light ๐ŸŒท. Thank you for this enlightening outlook…

    1. Cheryl, you bring about a good point. We, as youngsters, are taught what our parents believed and perhaps from others we associated with, until we sense what feels right to us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. After night there is day. After dark there is light. Even the dark of night is not completely dark as the moon and stars shine their light.

    Emotionally we can reach a dark dark place. And it can be a point of positive turning in our life. We may remain initially too long but eventually there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

    A well penned post and much food for thought.

  4. Beautifully spoken Bernice, a lovely post. Our perspectives are indeed a learned choice and we can change them at will as we grow toward that very light.
    Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€ โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿฆ‹

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