The Flame – Free Verse Poem


As the flame lit the wick of my red votive candle,
a dance emerged.
It was fascinating to watch
the gentle flame swaying from side to side.
Golden orange, yellow, with a hint of light blue colors
all moving in unison.
It was hypnotic.
Without a warning, I heard the window shades rustle
and the flame became stronger and taller showing its strength.
Immediately, I closed my eyes
and breathed in the energy of the flame
filling my soul.

16 thoughts on “The Flame – Free Verse Poem

  1. Hi beautiful poem! I am a new Follower I found your beautiful blog through The Solidarity Challenge I am very happy to connect with you I am an Artist and your Blog is very inspiring !

  2. I liked the expression, ‘..breathing the energy of flame’..made me get a vivid image! 🙂
    Very nice poem!

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