The Alkaline Diet

Hello Journeyers, New Year…New You.  Let’s begin with our diet.

Have you heard of the alkaline diet? It’s based on evidence that suggests that acid-forming foods prevent the body from healing properly.

This leaves your body acidic and potentially makes you more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. In contrast, alkaline foods keep your body’s PH level between 7.3/7.41 which is the normal range.

Alkaline foods have been shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, weight loss, even cancer.

The alkaline diet avoids sugar, dairy, wheat and other high-gluten grains as well as an excess consumption of fruits, while emphasizing fresh vegetables along with greens.

In the mornings I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with “the mother” or drink water with lemon.  Yep, they’re days when I make myself a cup of coffee and eat foods that are highly acidic but I try to eat it in moderation.

View the great infographics below from Acid Alkaline Food to see a breakdown of which foods to stick with and which to avoid.  Enjoy!


39 thoughts on “The Alkaline Diet

  1. Excellent info. I heard about this before and I started and wandered off but know you got me thinking again. lol
    I have the apple cider vinegar. I’ve been using braggs, that’s fantastic stuff.

  2. wow, this is awesome. thank you for sharing! i’m changing my diet little by little. i used to love milk but i stopped drinking it last year, i hope that now i can put sugar away. that will be difficult!

    1. Sugar is a tricky one. My sister can vouch that she reduced sugar in her diet and lost weight. She doesn’t crave it anymore. You can do it – with a small change every day!

      1. yes, i think that first i need to make a list of all the products i consume which have sugar on it and then start eliminating them from my diet, one by one. sugar is a difficult one because it’s addictive and hard to replace, i first started with replacing with natural juice, but it’s sugar all the same.

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