Taking the Curved Road

I haven’t been sleeping much lately. Have you? Anxiety has been creeping up lately. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night energized, yet, I continue to lie on the bed and thoughts start to race and I’ll try to slow down the chatter to fall back asleep.

Anytime my soul feels overwhelmed with anxiety, its a sign that my next breakthrough is around the corner.

I finally decided I want to make a shift and quit my current accounting position and focus more on the hypnosis/energy healing practice. My thoughts are banging in my head yelling “C’mon now, is this how you plan to support yourself?”

Things become confusing, fear creeps in, and then once again I retreat to the familiar.

There are two roads I can take at this point, one that repeats the same cycle I am currently experiencing or one that throws me into a world of new beginnings.

I’m taking the curved road.

Can you relate?

16 thoughts on “Taking the Curved Road

  1. For some odd reason, I feel that anxiety kicks in whether you travel on a straight or curvy road. But, I think that the prize can be greater taking the curved road. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  2. I can definitely relate. Best of luck to you of wherever life takes you with all the positivities and possibilities to come.

  3. Yes I can relate! Good luck to you. The earth is curved, you know, so you’ll be going with the flow so to speak and as it were. ;0)

  4. I’m at a similar fork. I’m a nurse which is a noble and difficult profession and I’m really good at it. If you need an IV, you want me to start it because, damn, I’m good. But I’m a writer as well. And I just won my first creative non fiction contest and I want to give up nursing to write full time. But I’m still helping my boys go through university and the regular paycheck is nice to have. Not sure what I’m going to do.

    1. Wow! Fantastic.Congratulations on your award.
      I get it. Finances play an important role. When you want to manifest something so badly that you feel it in your bones, certain opportunities pop up you haven’t considered. What about reducing your hours at work to dedicate more time to writing? I remember Wayne Dwyer said he gets up at 3am to write because that’s the time all is silent and when he receives his information. Do you get up to write at 3-4am? Best of luck.

      1. I work nights so I stay up all night writing sometimes on my nights off. My problem is my schedule is never fixed so I can never predict when I’ll be at work. In the last year, whenever I go to work, I have to stay over for another shift which is exhausting. So I play catch up with sleep all the time. But things are looking up.

  5. Good for you! and Godspeed. Do what you love. I am in a curve now-wanted ths all along, but hesitated . . til at last I was forced. Dare I choose what I love? haha! After the shock and fear wore off . . .I am thrilled!

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