Taking It Easy

It’s seven o’clock in the evening, and I am in my pj’s, sitting comfortably on a chaise lounge in a screened in porch at the back of my house. My hair is pulled up in a bun simply because it is hot, humid and it’s raining.

lightningThe sky is gray, and thunder is booming in the distance. The loud sound of thunder and the quick flash of lightning have often mesmerized me as a youngster. Spectacular lightning storm is lighting up the night sky now and I have front row seats. I love it!

I have a cup of steaming hot tea to my right and pouring torrential rain just inches away from my bare feet. There’s not a single animal or person in sight. There’s nothing but the sound of the rain. I take a long deep breath and think to myself; this is what it feels like to be truly relaxed.

25 thoughts on “Taking It Easy

  1. It’s amazing how storms can make us feel. Some people are afraid but others (including me) are fascinated by their power. I agree it’s an awe-inspiring spectacle.

      1. Exactly! I’ve been trying to determine the nature of this fascination. And I think it is connected with closeness to something powerful and great and at the same time feeling safe in cosy surroundings of our home. It definitely has something to do with our inner children :).

  2. Sounds amazing. We have a dog who’s afraid of storms, so we never get to relax when it rains. Glad to read this, reminds me of the beauty in rain.

  3. I didn’t use to care much for rain but then I moved to Ireland. There people have (and need to have) a different attitude: acceptance. Sometimes even appreciation: “it makes this the emerald island”. People don’t stop their lives because it started to rain – if they did, nothing would ever be done 🙂 So now I not only endure rain but also love it because it reminds me of those 7 years I spent on that lovely island.

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