Thoughts for the day

I confess. I didn’t know what to write today. I could’ve skipped this week as I have done in the past, but I was guided to share a photo of myself with friends at an art exhibition we attended two weeks ago. Looking at the photo again I believe my friend in the middle mayContinue reading “Thoughts for the day”

Through Veterans’ Eye

Reblog: Let’s pay our respects to those who served. Let’s remember the men and women who died serving in the armed forces.  Let’s stand united in respect for our Veterans and to all of our brothers and sisters every day. May God bless everyone! Credit: Andrew W. Nunn/Courtesy The Homecoming Project The organization, founded byContinue reading “Through Veterans’ Eye”

It’s Time For Real Change 🇺🇸

As I waited in the checkout line, I noticed various headlines about the upcoming election. Insiders threaten to expose Hillary’s pedophile sex ring! Did you hear the crazy thing Trump said today? Tonight I sit here pensively, hoping for real change for the United States of America.