Spring Equinox – Birthing A New You

Hello Journeyers! March 20th was my father’s birthday. It also marked the doorway to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The days/months following the 20th prepare us in healing the mind, body and spirit. There may be an ongoing theme in your life that appears as if it has not been shifted although youContinue reading “Spring Equinox – Birthing A New You”

Snowstorm Through My Eyes

I’m tired of the cold. It’s the ache. It’s the gloom.  I burrow under mountains of blankets and I can’t seem to make my body move. I feel slow and sluggish. We’re being hit with a major snowstorm in the Northeast. Did Mother Nature lose track of the days?  Spring is just a few daysContinue reading “Snowstorm Through My Eyes”