Surrogate Hypnosis Session

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Surrogate Hypnosis

What is a Surrogate Session?

Suppose you or anyone you know cannot undergo a light trance for reasons such as age, a disability, nonverbal, a medical condition, or difficulty connecting and receiving answers to their questions. In that case, a surrogate session is for you!

Someone I work with closely (a surrogate) will connect with your Higher Self/Subconscious and Guides to answer your questions.

However, if this session is not for you but is very close to the individual in need of healing and transcendence in their lives; a parent, a partner, a sibling, an adult child, or pretty much anyone close to them, you can be the surrogate.

How does this Remote Healing work?

You may ask, how does this healing reach the intended recipient? The quantum principle that everything is energy also implies that energy can travel any distance, at any time. Energy does not abide by the limitations of the material world.

The practitioner’s intention, the surrogate’s intention, and the intention of the Higher Self serve as agents of change and healing. Thoughts and emotions are energy, and these intentions magnify the vibration of healing energy for all involved.

We will focus on the symptoms and the thread to the root cause of any pain, illness, traumas, emotions, and thought forms by examining this life or a past life.

After your questions are answered, we will conduct an Energetic Body Scan to:

  • Clear the field of Earthbound spirits
  • Clear dense energies in your aura
  • Clear dense energies in your organs
  • Balance and align the chakras
  • Eradicate any implants and devices and much more!

You will be in a higher vibrational state after the session!

What will the Session include?

  • Ask 3-5 questions
  • We will speak with your Higher Self / Subconscious and Guides on your behalf.
  • Current Life or Past Life Therapy (Recovery of Soul Fragmentation if needed)
  • Energetic Body Scan
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Spirit Releasement
  • Color Therapy

Please know that you do not need to be present. However, accommodations will be made if you desire to join.

The session will be held within two weeks once you schedule an appointment. The audio file will be sent to you via email.

There is a surrogate session playlist on my Youtube channel. Check it out!

Surrogate Session
Distant Healing

We can also connect via the chat button.


My session with Bernice was amazing. She is extremely friendly and warm. Since we first talked, I felt like we already knew each other. She did a surrogate session for me, and I got answers to all my questions and received healing. She made it look so easy. All in a very relaxed way. I also got advice and support to continue my quest for self-knowledge and healing. Thank you, Bernice.