Surrogate Energy Healing Release Deep-Seated Issues

When it comes to addressing any pain, illness, traumas, emotions, or thought forms, we will dive underneath the surface to trace it back to its original source.

What is a Surrogate Session?

Along with your Guides, a surrogate will go into a deep trance connecting and accessing the Client’s subconscious to answer your questions, resolve deep-seated issues, and facilitate quantum energy healing on their behalf.

Why You Might Need One.

  • The client deals with unresolved physical or emotional pain, illness, or trauma.
  • The client is unable to connect to spirit or has trouble meditating.
  • The client is under the age of 18
  • The client is non-verbal.
  • The client cannot go or remain in a trance because of an ailment or sickness.

The session will be held within 10 days of the scheduled appointment. The audio file will be sent through email.

We can connect via the Chat Button on your page’s bottom right or through the contact page.

There is a surrogate session playlist on my YouTube channel.

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I want to ensure that the client get’s the most out of their session. The sessions are adapted based on their individuals needs and questions.