Surrender Your Burdens

We’ve known to pick up a few bags from time to time. Have you noticed this from you?

Odds are, you did this morning.

You stepped over to the baggage carousel and loaded up. You grabbed some luggage somewhere between the first step on the floor and the last step out the door. You don’t remember doing so? That’s because you did it without thinking.

Do you need to remember seeing a baggage terminal? That’s because the carousel is not the one in the airport; it’s the one in our minds. And the bags we grab are made of burdens.

The suitcase of guilt. A sack of discontent. You drape a duffel bag of weariness on one shoulder and a hanging bag of grief on the other. Add a backpack of doubt, an overnight bag of loneliness, and a trunk of fear. Pretty soon, you’re pulling more stuff than you can handle. No wonder you’re so tired at the end of the day. It can be exhausting.

Have you ever considered the impact that excess baggage has on relationships?

For the sake of those you love, travel light.

For the sake of the God you serve, travel light.

For the sake of your own joy, travel light.

There are certain weights in life you cannot carry.

Surrender your burdens to God, Universe, a higher power.

When a dad sees his five-year-old son trying to drag the family trunk off the carousel, what does he say?

“Set it down, child. I’ll carry that one.”

What do you say we take God up on his offer? We might find ourselves traveling a little lighter.

6 thoughts on “Surrender Your Burdens

  1. Great blog post! πŸ‘
    I like the analogy of how people carry theirs fears and problems around with them like luggage. They should travel 🧳 light as it’s too much effort!

  2. We never really know the weight of our burdens until we learn to set them down and let them go. This may seem odd or even foreign to us at first when the norm and way of life has been about carrying the weight and the load. Life is much freer and lighter when we give them up to God and let Him handle those things for us β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  3. Ah the things I used to carry dear lady, and the one’s I still do. But thankfully God’s love attracts those things to us for a good reason. One so that I can see how far I have come as I react less and less as time goes by…and two, God wants us to heal so we can find that unconditional love that is waiting behind it. Through it is His gateway, and yes it does feel tough, but He has these beautiful people like you on our pathway to help us through those rough bits. Take a bow dear lady, may your light attract those that need a breather, a gentle hand up and courage for them to take another step πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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