Spring Equinox – Birthing A New You

Hello Journeyers! March 20th was my father’s birthday. It also marked the doorway to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The days/months following the 20th prepare us in healing the mind, body and spirit.

There may be an ongoing theme in your life that appears as if it has not been shifted although you have avidly been working within to change it. Don’t worry. In this cycle, the energies are ramped up to assist us to Spring forward.  The energies are potent, more than ever assisting us on this inner journey, and breaking free from whatever sense of limitation is in our life.


This window marks a new doorway opening, which invites us to dust ourselves off and purge old patterns that no longer serve us; leaving room to birth anew. Some relationships are changing dramatically and are mostly being ushered in with new people, new opportunities, etc., as the old is falling away. It has also been a time where people are experiencing some health issues, flare-ups, and accidents. This can create a sense of fear as the rug feels like its being pulled from beneath our feet.

Whatever plans and goals you seeded back in 2016 shall be sprouting now, so we get to see if your focus/intent was true (for your highest good).

What does it take to create this change? What is it you wish to create moving forward? It’s going the extra mile in all we say or do, being in service, coming into more of our sovereign self and not holding back in our efforts to assist and be kind, to forgive ourself and others. IMG_0576

For the most part, the universe is getting us to slow down and BE, so these natural changes can assist us in an organic way. Much of the physical issues happening, are being moved through swiftly and with much grace. The body, if it is in resistance on some level, is only telling you through dis-ease that something is calling your attention to be looked at and needs some loving attention.

My wish and prayer for each of you, is that you see the world through eyes of wonder, curiosity, compassion, and love. That you will smile not only with your mouth, but also with your heart and your eyes.



28 thoughts on “Spring Equinox – Birthing A New You

  1. Excellent post! It’s about time I found someone with the same ideological beliefs. Good going with the blog too.

    Thanks and Good Luck! And yeah, I think you should have a ‘notify me of follow-up comments via email’ option in your comment section. This would really quicken the rate of replies you get.😃😃

  2. Great post! The energy is quite strong. If we focus and use it well we can do wonderful things for ourselves and the planet. My Fathers birthday is also on the Equinox.

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            Dave 🙂

  3. “This window marks a new doorway opening, which invites us to dust ourselves off and purge old patterns that no longer serve us”
    I feel like you are speaking to me here. Thank you.

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