Spread A little Love

As we go through life, we gather many things of joy and of value. One of those things is the love that we feel for others and their love in return.

It is easy to love someone with whom you have a cherished and open relationship. However, how about the ones whom you don’t want to see anymore, someone you have a feeling of dislike or even hate? Think about it.

Now, I invite all of you to think of a person or a few individuals whom you have Love for. See them all smiling and in this beautiful love-filled energy. Then, without skipping a beat, think of that person you donโ€™t like in the same space with all of your loved ones and feel the love for ALL of them.


How does your body feel? Is it screaming any obscenities, or is it whispering thank you, for having found the answer to your pain? This is a valuable exercise you can try out every day for the next few days.

With this experience, you can cure some of your aches and pains before bringing on more ailments from engaging in too much negative energy.

18 thoughts on “Spread A little Love

  1. Yes, choosing love is what we should do on a regular basis ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s taken me a few years of my life to realise it but I finally got there. It’s beautiful how love is attached to our instinct/intuition. Following this path can definitely make us feel good…

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