Spending Time Outdoors

Remember the good old days when you walked out the door without a cell phone? I still leave my cell phone behind some of the times. I don’t tweet; I don’t have a personal Facebook account and if you’re going to text me for more than 5 minutes…let’s get on the phone.😉

Over the weekend, I decided to go to Bear Mountain Park. I’m a huge advocate of being with nature and I ask that you do the same if you have the time. Being outdoors has a healing effect on your body and helps keep you balanced. As you walk around, you’ll notice there are countless of things to be grateful for.

According to information unearthed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, time spent outdoors can inspire one to become more trusting, generous, and helpful toward others.

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26 thoughts on “Spending Time Outdoors

  1. I love outdoor scenery too. I love basting in the sun. My complexion seems to have picked up some type of healing from me spending more time outside. Sunlight and strolls is good for the soul. A stroll in a light shower may be relaxing. Hey I just may unlease my inner kid and splash in a puddle.

  2. I agree with that research finding that spending time outside in nature warms one’s spirit to be more receptive to others. Beautiful images. I have my thoughts aligned to spend more time out this weekend and unplugged too 🙂

  3. It’s much better to see nature like you have seen there than looking at the lights of a phone or a computer screen. It’s much more peaceful and it’s certainly better on the eyes!

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