Soul Searching


Soul searching can mean so many different things to various people. The most common link you will discover is that it is an inward journey to finding what is right for you. It is a deeper connection within the quietness of your inner being.

It shows up for people when they are no longer happy in a current relationship. When you or someone close to you is diagnosed with a disease. It can come into your life through the loss of a loved one, noticing just how precious life is. It may even come to you when your child leaves the house, and you find yourself asking “who am I now.”

I know. I’ve been there for all accounts and been known to approach life as a child and ask the questions why…why am I here…who am I…in a gentle and innocent way. I’ve asked the people around me why, I’ve even asked the universe why. 

I’ve taken into account what others think, considered many philosophies, cultures, religions…whatever I’ve been drawn to.

It encouraged me to reflect upon my life and look closely in areas of my life that I sensed a lack of stability, sadness, even disconnection and examined my motives and core beliefs.


Through my search, I learned the only person who was able to give me the answer was me. My feelings are my inner guidance system. Therefore, I began to listen to my inner guidance and follow my heart. I learned how to discern what I read and hear.

Our journey is just that…our own.

Journeyers – what it boils down to is, how do YOU define Soul Searching?  And as you consider this question, you will begin your journey within as well.

16 thoughts on “Soul Searching

  1. I agree with what you say about soul searching. There is the voice inside of me…deep inside that knows the truth, my truth. Developing the trust to hear that voice and acknowledge it is something that took a lot of questioning and self-encouragement.

  2. A truly wonderful post. The journey to find ourselves continues throughout our lives as we are forever in a state of change, growing and learning as we go. 🙂

  3. Beautiful post and so true! Soul searching makes us alive to the depth and truth of our being, teaches us how to follow the trail most true and joyful to us.

  4. i’ve always been childish, in the sense that i’m very curious, always making questions and trying to see the universe with a new perspective. but having a child of my own showed me so many beautiful things, i’m learning so much about myself, the meaning of life, and all there is, it’s… awesome! thank you for the great post. <3

  5. Very nice post, Bernice and I totally agree. I’ve spent too much time doing things I thought I should do, rather things that made my soul sing. That has changed now and I feel happier than I’ve ever felt. Following your heart should be the easiest thing in the world yet sometimes it seems to be the hardest!

  6. Great post !
    Well explained. It’s amazing how many people are now finding clarity in the state of being.

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