Shine Your Light


I invite us all to step fully into our Divine Purpose.  Let’s shine our light as bright as possible. It is time to remember our own song and sing it out to the world.

Mother Earth is going through a time of change and transformation. Many of us are awakening and experiencing the changes with her. The luxury of whining and complaining about our circumstances makes no difference.  The transformation of our inner world is the only thing that is going to alter the outer world.  It is time to let our heart shine brightly into the universe.

All of us who are living at this time chose to be here to be a part of these changes; either to observe these changes or bring about change (such as the light workers). We are here to transform the world from the old way of life to a more loving and peaceful existence.

Humanity is awakening to a more conscious existence, where we feel more harmony and connection with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

Therefore, …walk while ye have light… ~ John 12:35

15 thoughts on “Shine Your Light

  1. I’ll be honest: even agreeing with what Christiany preaches, I run away from anyone that talks about it. Well, you are the exception. It’s inspiring! Why do I run, you might wonder: because I was in a nun school for 8 years and they were pretty rigid. It was on my childhood but I have a lot of bad memories from that time at school. Other from that, my childhood was great. 🙂

  2. I think you’re right. Mother Earth is going through some major changes, and we are here to bring Light and move in the direction of a unified, conscious existence. I look forward to meeting open souls that can envision these changes and work together in and as one spirit.

  3. The word given to me for this year is change. Not surprisingly I often read or hear things with change in them. I am not great with change which may be why it is my word for the year.

  4. I do feel like more and more people are opening up their minds and learning that we can be peaceful humans without the confines of religion. More and more people seem to be stepping away from what they’ve been indoctrinated with and finding their own path. It’s beautiful!

  5. Felt completely in resonance. Loved how you call it the luxury of complaining and whining …it is only a choice. Yes also loved when you say …Humanity is awakening to a more conscious existence!!! Very true …

  6. Indeed, so important to focus on Love and Light in this time of turmoil while the balance is shifting and the old is transmuted.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. All of us have a way to change this world to become a much better place in the future. We must begin within ourselves. Thank you for this thought provoking post.

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