Shadow Work

The shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.”

― Sasha Graham

Anger, shame, guilt and fear are low energy emotions and arise from what is commonly referred to as “the shadow self.”

The shadow shows up as our unconscious fears, emotional pain, recurring thought forms, depression, loneliness and addictions. Many would consider this as the dark night of the soul.

The reason I’m writing this is because since the energies coming in are strong, and change is occurring on a global scale, it can trigger many emotions in you. Therefore, the shadow self must be transcended to move to higher vibrations.

Remember this, emotions are energy in motion. Let it flow. Ask yourself, “what is it that I’m feeling? when? why?” You have to be honest with yourself.

If it continues to raise its ugly head, this is your opportunity to do your inner work.To transform the dark aspects with awareness and self-compassion by placing the light upon that which may have hurt you by choosing self-love and forgiveness for healing.

On a soul level, you planned to be on Earth at this time to behold this magnificent process of Ascension. You understood how important the work you would be doing was going to assist in humanity’s awakening. When you know that all the ups and downs right now are part of the process, it might be easier to focus on the big picture.

This work is essential now. Make sure your inner spiritual house is clear and bright.

6 thoughts on “Shadow Work

  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful post. For me, the question is how to get people who have no basis in self-reflection to actually take a moment and look within? I was riveted to the TV when they stormed the capitol and in its aftermath but the clues were everywhere for the months leading up to it. Many of the rioters, like people who attend these big trump rallies, have no self-awareness and are just riding along on a wave of antipathy and hate. If they stopped to asked themselves what exactly they were angry about or what was driving them to such levels of hate — really, the true cause of their actions, the anger behind the anger — I suspect they wouldn’t be able to tell you. It’s just an automatic reaction whipped into greater and greater levels of frenzy by people who know their way around psychological manipulation (the media yes, but friends and family can manipulate you just as easily). I’m kind of terrified of our world being stuck in this loop of hate and despair for decades to come. The worse it gets, the more I try to moderate my reaction to it because even one more ounce of anger or hate could tip the scales for the worse and we are already sitting on a balance beam aside the precipice with no way to go but off or down so I’m choosing to get off and pray my decision is sound.

    1. Most people are feeling scared, despair, etc. Don’t watch the news. It may not be easy but we are on a precipice of change. The way to go is not to be attached by what is happening “out there”. Prayers are needed now more than ever and ask the heavens for assistance. Meditation in unity/large groups. Thank you Pam. Continue to send your love and share your light with ALL. 💛⭐️🙌🏼. EVERYONE including those in govt/rioters, etc.

  2. It is an interesting time indeed my friend, asking us to become a light in our dark places. It enlightens us and in doing so become a light for others. May we ever step closer within and free that path towards it ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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