Remote Clearings

A remote clearing is similar to a distant healing. It is sending healing energy through intention, to someone who is not physically present. 

We are able to remove negative energies that influence an individual, a home/property/business or an animal.

Working with the archangels, highly evolved spiritual beings and our guides, we work in tandem to lift away the layers of unseen negativity (not of the light), interferences, energy implants, energy cords, shadows, discarnate souls, etc…and so much more, that you may have accumulated during your lifetime.

Reasons to have a Personal Clearing:
History of severe illness, hospitalizations, surgery or childhood injury
Addition to alcohol, drugs, sex
Organ transplant
Victim of a car accidentpersonal
Feeling “stuck” in your life
Blocked creativity or sexuality
Chronic stress, fatigue or frequent mood swings
Sleep disturbances, night terrors, sleepwalking
Frequently working in the energy fields of others
People under psychic attack
Feelings of intense of anger, fear, anxiety
Emotional challenges such as depression, OCD, ADHD and moodiness,
Financial problems

Reasons for a Home or Business Clearing:
House that haven’t sold for any apparent reason
Avoiding certain rooms in your house / feels “haunted”
Feeling exhausted when you come home but nowhere elsehouse
Rental properties
Poor concentration only when at home
Location is near a cemetery, funeral or hospital
Death or tragedy occurred at the site
Difficulty sleeping or nightmare
Recent merger, acquisition or reorganization
Reduction in cash flow lines of business
Business owner is going through a divorce
Real Estate obtained through inheritance

Outcome of an Animal Clearinganimals
Our house pets work diligently to balance our energy fields by absorbing our negativity. They pick up and experience any challenges we have in our homes.

Restlessness and stress are alleviated
Depression and grief are lifted
Separation anxiety is reduced
Terminally ill pets make their transition easier
Some behaviors will be reduced



Depending on the clearing, I will ask for a recent photo and full name or address of property/blueprint.

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