Running on Automatic

I was driving to work. I left at the same time I do every day, driving along the same road and after what seemed like a few minutes I noticed I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I was driving on automatic.

I was daydreaming.

I didn’t notice the old timers were playing golf or the sky was actually a beautiful bright blue color that day. I even missed my exit.

I was not present.

Do you have days like this? Going about your day(s) on automatic and missing the beauty that surrounds you?


Life is not just about existing and doing all the stuff that we need to do. Life is about being present, here and now, seeing and enjoying all the little details that make life so beautiful. So watch out for being stuck in the wheel of existence, and make sure you jump on the train of life.


32 thoughts on “Running on Automatic

  1. Most of my days are running on automatic… and missing out a lot of what’s surrounding me.

  2. A powerful message and even though I try to be present as much as possible, I have missed my exit as well and the demands of life at times take over. I still think realizing this abs being aware is most of the battle.
    I missed you and I have catching up to do.

  3. Yeah, I can relate.
    But when I do have those moments when I present it’s a beautiful thing.
    I never thought I could find so much joy watching two squirrels chase each other.
    They crack me up..šŸ˜‚!

  4. I think I’m at this stage in my life. I dont even know what is keeping me going. I’m not stuck in a routine or anything, I’m just moving.

  5. I did and still trying to jump on the train of life as much as possible. Great reminder šŸ™‚

  6. Sadly to say I work on auto more than I’d like to. I am working on catching myself when I do. It’s so bad that I auto respond to the kids sometimes and don’t realize I have until I notice them doing something I know I normally would NOT say yes to. Hmmmm I wonder what my husband has gotten away with???? Lol

  7. Jump on the train of life – True and beautiful post.
    I think of few times when I start driving and I suddenly become aware that I have arrived at my destination. No idea of anything in between šŸ™‚

  8. I notice myself when I’m tired or I’m driving on an hwy its automatic pilot. Its been awhile now I feel I am grounded in the present moment, One of my technics I use to keep me grounded is to practice my breathing exercises. Breathe in…old 5 sec….Breathe out I do that as often I need while I drive.

      1. I’m a shallow breather and in my research when you practice deep breathing (belly breathe) it helps you stay grounded. Increase your self-confidence. Helps the heart and gives oxygen to the brain. Why not!

  9. Sometimes I have those automatic days. I work harder and harder to stay in the present, but not always successfully. I think, We are continually a work in progress. Here’s to a present day my friend. šŸŒ¹

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