Rumi – A Series of Quotes

Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī, also known as Maulānā (Our Master), was born in the fall of 1207 in Balkh, a major eastern city in what is now Afghanistan. His family settled in Konya, in Turkish Anatolia, a region then called Rum, from which the poet later got the name “Rūmī,” which he is best known in the West.

Rumi’s quotes articulate what it feels like to be alive, it motivates us and helps us understand our own search for love in our daily life. Here are a few of my favorites (although I love them all).

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22 thoughts on “Rumi – A Series of Quotes

  1. I especially connect with the one about “silence is the language of God”. Read some Rumi but don’t recall these . Thanks for sharing.


      1. It is night 7:30 pm in Guyana south america, guess what, I am writing an About me page it got posted so that’s progress. will have to add to it.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I tried to reblog this article, but for some crazy reason only half of it posted, so I deleted it…

  3. I love this one more – “Don’t you know yet, it is your light that lights the world.” They are all beautiful quotes and so true. Love that you shared them!

  4. Thank you for your post. Recently, I discovered Rumi and love just about everything I’ve read. Your post is interesting and informative. 1207, wow.. He was before his time and more popular in 2015 than any time in history, I guess.

  5. Rumi is a favorite. The words are peace. They emote peace.
    As I read down my reader this morning there were many irritating words from well-meaning souls trying to promote some sort of external goodness.
    It comes from within, and when one comes in contact with it, it can be felt as peace.

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