Release your child-like essence within

Lately, I’ve been contemplating on where my next adventure in life is going to lead me. I gave the analogy at the office the other day that I am on a roller coaster ride with both hands in the air and the car is ready to take its first dip – taking me down fast.

I sat in meditation/prayer and this is what I received – Being and seeing with the eyes of a child.

What is the level of excitement in your heart?

What is your passion?

Your heartfelt passion that sends shivers down your spine? Remain with it.

As a child you know how to have fun and love without conditions.

There are no wants or desires. It just is.

Be that child again.

Carefree, laughing, full of wonder, magic, giggling, playing in the dirt and not caring how you look.

Be that child again.

Holding hands with the person next to you in class and considering her your best friend within the first two minutes of meeting.

Be that child again.

9 thoughts on “Release your child-like essence within

  1. Those Children who come here through Father Christmas’s Grotto of Fairy-tale Dreams…have Souls that are lit by the Light of the Guiding North Star, and blossom in the Life-giving Light from the Sun XXX

  2. I love this. Feel it in my bones, that need to have fun, to play like a child and reclaim some of that old forgotten innocence. Thank you for another reminder.

    1. Oh, yeah, that’s true. Thanks for the reminder. Here’s a lovely quote of his “took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.โ€

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