Redefining who our Family is

A family doesn’t just mean
Who you are related to
But those who adopted you into theirs as well.
They may not always provide us with joy and acceptance
And in times they come to offer us adversity and challenges
To build our character;
and as we let go of our self-importance,
we are better able to recognize the gifts they bring to us.

When we recognize that everyone we meet,
everyone we share this beautiful blue planet with,
is actually part of an even larger family
to experience this life with us,
we create this Oneness,
and all opposition and judgment is set aside
when we see the wisdom in redefining who our family is.

12 thoughts on “Redefining who our Family is

  1. Beautiful poem!
    I like how you use creative poetry to redefine the concept of family. When we reach out and connect with others, it makes us feel connected and part of something infinitely greater. But in truth, we are all Spiritual, perfect and from a Divine source 🙂

  2. That is a wonderful picture.

    Some of us from broken homes discover rather quickly the true definition of family. It’s not always blood, it’s acceptance. It’s surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed and at the same time accept you for who you are.

    This was great. Thank you.

  3. We have anointed family consisting of blood relations but we forget that families consist of only those people who love you, care for you and appreciate you.

  4. Absolutely true and agree totally with these words of wisdom. We are all one happy family and we are all a part of the whole. There is only Oneness in Unity and we are all stationed permanently in that Oneness. Beautiful poem.

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