Raise Our Vibrational Frequency

Now that the energy is powerful this week, it will be easier to raise our energetic vibrational frequency. All it takes is practice.

Remember, we are not just our physical body. We have an energy field surrounding us. Everything is energy.

Thoughts, and feelings of fear, hatred, envy, and despair vibrate at a slow and low frequency, while thoughts and feelings of love, happiness, joy, and gratitude vibrate at a faster and higher rate.


Once you’ve successfully raised your energy, you’ll find that people of the same vibrational rate will gravitate toward you. Let’s start.

1. Focus on your breath.
Focusing on your breathing can have a significant impact on your well-being. It calms our nervous system and shifts our energies.

2. Practice self-love.
Be kind to yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are; you’re a winner; that you make incredible decisions; that you deserve success and abundance, etc.

3. Compassionate
When you are sympathetic to the suffering of another person, and you desire to help that person in some way, it’s a wonderful ingredient in raising frequency.

4. Visualization
Creative visualization in envisioning what you want to happen in your life. Think positive!


5. Affirmation /Mantras
It’s an uplifting phrase that when said to yourself gives you the feeling that you can do anything in the world and be successful at it.

6. Is your mind a chatterbox?
To raise your frequency, you need to calm down and quiet this constant stream of thought. Consciously become more of an observant and notice how your mind reacts to different situations. Meditation/Prayer can help you with this.

7. Increase your awareness
Are you paying attention to both the big and small things that happen around on a daily basis or you walking through life in a daze?

8. Petting your animal. I couldn’t help myself – isn’t he cute?


9. Listening to musicΒ  – makes your heart sing and raises vibration.

10. Connecting with nature – Every person, rock, tree, animal and grain of sand on the beach vibrates to its rhythm . – Shall I say more?

34 thoughts on “Raise Our Vibrational Frequency

  1. nice article …
    yoga ,meditation and physical workout will really add up to your vibrational frequency
    world can seem really boring in low vibrational realms

  2. Very nice tips to raise our energy. Sometimes, we lose energy by unnecessary talking and thinking. You have already pointed out one, that is calmness of mind. I think effective communication or stopping the unnecessary talks will help us to save our energy and increase its vibrational frequency.

  3. I love your explanation of how negative emotions vibrate at a much slower and lower frequency than our positive emotions. I also love your suggestions on how to elevate our personal frequency. An informational and inspirational post..)

  4. Another way I’ve learned to raise my vibrational frequency is by not taking things personal. I’ve had to teach myself that because sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we think everything is about “us”. If someone didn’t text me back…they must be ignoring me. If someone didn’t respond the way I thought they should…they must be upset about something. But the truth of the matter is, the way another person behaves is rarely about “us”. It’s about “them”. Therefore, stop taking everything so personal. Wonderful post.

  5. This is a wonderful reminder of what we need to do every day, and particularly this week. I’m going to love up my dog and cat right after I hit send. Have a wonderful day today my friend! Alexis

  6. Reading this post has raised my energetic frequency, thanks for this!πŸ˜ƒ Since my mood has drastically altered and my mental health has improved and stabilised, I am finding myself wanting to hang out with different people, as I’m energetically tuned out of that suffering mode. There’s a mis match now of energies, I’m wanting to follow different blog writers etc. I’m not quite sure what to do about it-do you have any advice? I do really care about people who are suffering, but am drawn to seeking out more uplifting souls πŸ’–

    1. Do what makes your heart sing. If you want to seek out like minded people do so. That’s the beauty of the blogosphere. I read posts of different genres. I learn from all of you. If you want to offer advise to someone who asks – that’s ok. However, if that person doesnt follow your advise don’t be offended. Everyone is on their own path. That person may not be ready now.
      So happy to know the gray skies have lifted from your side. Keep smiling Queen Bee. πŸ’•

      1. Aw thanks πŸ˜ƒ I will keep smiling, I have confidence of that πŸ™‚ I have noticed some people appear to be unreceptive to positive support, they seem to repel it as it doesn’t fit with their frequency. I want to grow, and help others grow too, but it’s having the instinct of who is compatible I guess. Have a good day wise one πŸ’–

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