3 Card Tarot Reading


Looking for answers to a burning question? A video 3-card tarot reading can provide fast, insightful guidance. Super easy to download, this item is sent to your email with a link.

The tarot can be used to shed light on any situation and can provide guidance and clarity. A tarot reading can be incredibly helpful if you’re facing a difficult decision or just want to get an outside perspective. And with this offer, you can get a tarot reading delivered straight to your inbox.

Ideas for a three-card reading:

-Yes, No, Message
-Past, Present, Future
-Mind, Body, Soul
-Problem, Cause, Solution
-Option 1, Option2, Advice
-You, Them, Relationship
-This month, Next Month, In Three Months

At checkout, please provide the following in the notes section:
-your full name,  your email, and your question

I’d prefer a headshot if possible. I’ll email you from spiritualjourneyhealing@gmail.com with the request. Thank you.

Please note that I will not answer questions about death, health, or legal issues in this reading.

Looking forward to connecting with you.