Video- Tarot/Oracle/Intuitive Reading


Are you looking for answers to a burning question? A video tarot/oracle/intuitive reading can provide fast, insightful guidance to ONE of your questions. Super easy to download, this google drive video link is sent straight to your inbox. ☺️

I’ll use a combination of oracle/tarot cards and my intuitive guidance to shed light and clarity on any situation.

All orders will be delivered on the NEXT business day.

At checkout, please provide the following in the notes section:
-your full name, email, question, and headshot (pic). If another person is involved, please provide their information as well.

Please remember we are all blessed with free will. I believe that actions can change the course of one’s future or someone else’s future. I will try to tap into a prediction of your future based on your current energy, but please remember that it may not be 100% accurate. I will be as authentic as possible, and the message(s) that comes through may not be what you like to hear. If this happens, please take what resonates and leave everything else behind.

I will not answer questions about death, health, or legal issues in this reading. I will, however, give you the most accurate description of what the cards tell me—looking forward to connecting with you.