Praying Mantis in an Altered State of Consciousness

close up shot of a praying mantis

Have you ever seen a praying mantis? They’re fascinating creatures, and many believe they have spiritual significance. Some say that the mantis is a symbol of prayer and mindfulness. Others believe the mantis is a powerful totem creature capable of aiding us in our spiritual journey.

I met a praying mantis in an altered state of consciousness. This experience happened two years ago.

I was sleeping when I sensed something. I remembered shifting my body and felt a presence looming over me. Through my third eye, I saw a giant praying mantis slightly to the right above my bed. I found myself in an altered state of consciousness- between dreaming and being awake- and I knew this wasn’t just a dream. To say I was amazed was an understatement. I may have been in shock.

This being was massive. It may have been almost 7 feet tall or more! It was resting with its pair of legs in a prayer position. I’d never forget its dark, intense gaze fixated on mine as if trying to communicate with me. I sensed this being was there for a while, studying me. I felt the urge to move, and I was surprised that I didn’t or couldn’t. My mind was telling me to do something, but my body wasn’t responding.

I don’t know how long we were staring at each other, but I knew it was reading my thoughts. Then, I felt a warm and loving energy come through, and immediately I felt calm and relaxed. I finally asked, “Why are you here?” (I don’t know if I could speak out loud, but I know my mouth did not move).

The answer came through just as clearly. The praying mantis said it was here to observe me, not harm me. It has been watching me for some time now. When I asked her, “why?” She answered, “to observe your progress.”

And then the mantis slowly faded from my view.

11 thoughts on “Praying Mantis in an Altered State of Consciousness

  1. What an interesting story. That cusp between sleeping and waking, or the reverse, seems to be a very mystical time. I often have auditory hallucinations then, but they aren’t scary. They are usually someone seeking entrance to be with me.

  2. An amazing story Bernice, there is so much ‘out there’ let alone this journey in our travels. It must have been quite scary, but not as you appeared to be dealing with it spiritually. I say this from one experience I had awakening during the night and coming up to that level. Like you I could not move, my mind was trying to be frightened but that was in the background. I felt very calm and at ease and suddenly a spirit came forward and told those that had ‘held’ me to release me and shoo them away. It was like they were ‘checking’ me out but like children do and they were being moved on. I came awake after that. Maybe they too have many levels ‘up there’. Thank you for sharing your mantis, who says they are but an insect 🤣❤️🙏🏽

    1. Haha…a very large insect that is. It’s frightening when you’re frozen and can’t move…a helpless feeling indeed. And yes, I agree with you. There’s so much out there that our minds cannot comprehend. We are a microcosm of a macrocosm.

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