Past Solar Eclipse

This past Solar Eclipse brought us a release of the lesser ego – that being what you have kept yourself from; now would benefit your soul. If you told yourself “I’m not good enough for that” and “I don’t deserve that”- that conversation is over.

An outpouring of unconditional love is flowing through our planet right now allowing the genuine and full worth of your being to be revealed. It signals the end of one era of your life and brings in the beginnings of another.

simple pleasures2

Right now, it’s atime of practical sights – seeing things from the simple lenses of life – a time to help your neighbor, a time to choose freedom over burden, and a time to reunite with family and look to the horizon. It is a time to work together, build stronger relationships and plant seeds for positive growth.

Much peace.

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  1. Planting seeds for personal growth, yet another post that resonates with me. Beautiful thoughts and words. πŸ’–

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