Our Final Days of 2016

Let’s welcome 2017 with love and joy and carry the intention that this year will be different from any other we have lived. Let’s find space in our hearts for compassion. Let’s give and receive love daily.

This is a wonderful time for reflection. As you prepare to begin your New Year, ask yourself these simple questions:

What or who shall I now release from my life?
What am I holding on to that holds me back?
How am I being unloving to myself?
What is going on in my life that is terrific and wonderful?

To a new chapter in our lives!  Happy New Year!!

34 thoughts on “Our Final Days of 2016

  1. Happiest new year to you too! Hope 2017 starts and ends with joy spread all around!
    With this new year, I could finally manage to post something! Hope you find it nice😊

  2. Happy New Year! This was a wonderful post. It did not need to be long or particularly wordy in order to prompt introspection that I think will help set us all off on the correct course in 2017. Thanks for the prompting. These are questions I think we should all ask ourselves. =)

  3. Yes! It’s a great time for reflection. We have a few more days to do so before the ball drops us into 2017. I intend on using mine wisely. As I raise my glass (probably eggnog laced with a dram of brandy), I want to say: “It was a very good year!”

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